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Product Features

Soft Accounts is a business ready solution which specializes in broad range of industries.

Soft Accounts Online small ERP Software

Software Features :


Two Compnay in one link

10 User

Unlimited Financial Year

up to 2 GB data storage i.e. enough for 1 to 2 years


Configuration List
My Company Dashboard
List Of Companies Employees
User Logins Customers
User Roles Supplier
Financial Years Product
Currency Product Costing & Valuation
Tax Product Opening Balance
System Parameters Bank
Chart of Service
Inventory Job
Inventory Location Event Note
Category Table
Brand Servant
Unit Management Flavor
Business Sectors
Customer Type
Supplier Type
Bank Account Type
Chart Of Service Category
Area Management
City Management

Accounts Module

Accounts Data Accounts Reports
Dashboard Accounts Ledger
Chart of Account Job Ledger
Add Customer Balances Journal Report
Add Supplier Balances Trial Balances
Bank Payment Voucher Income Tax Return Summary
Bank Receipt Voucher Cash & Bank Balances
Cash Payment Voucher Customer Balances
Cash Receipt Voucher Vendor Balances
Journal Voucher Balances Sheet
Income Statement
Invoice Wise Profits
Item Wise Profits
Party Wise profits

Sales Module

Sales Data Entry Sales Report
Dashboard Sale Summary
Customer Follow Up Sales Register
Quotation Party Sales Summary
Sale Order Recovery Receipt
Delivery Challan Sales Activity (Invoice Wise)
Sales Invoice (Non Tax) Sales Activity (Party Wise)
Sales Tax Invoice Item Sales Summary
POS (General) Load Sheet
POS (Restaurant) Item Sales Analysis
Sale Return Sales Job Analysis
Sale Return Tax Accounts Receivable Aging
Receive Payment Sales Order Summary
Sale Order Register
Sales Closing
X Reports
Sale Order Tracking

Purchase Module

Purchase Data Entry Purchase Reports
Dashboard Purchase Summary
Purchase Order Purchase Register
Purchase Party Purchase Summary
Purchase Tax Payment Report
Purchase Return Purchase Activity (invoice wise)
Purchase Return Tax Purchase Activity (Party Wise)
Make Payment Items Purchase Summary
Item Purchase Analysis
Purchase Job Analysis
Account payable Aging
Purchase Order Tracking

Store Module

Store Data Entry Inventory & Store Reports
Dashboard Inventory Ledger
Purchase Requisitions Inventory Balances
Material issue Notes Inventory Re-order Quantity
Production Notes Product Serial Tracking
Add inventory Adjustment Material consumption
Reduce Inventory Adjustment Production Report
Inventory Transfer Product Pricing
Inwards Gate Passes
Outwards Gate Passes
Bill Of Material
Production And Assembly
  1. SoftAccounts.pk is rental base online accounting software, so no changes will be made
  2. Above charges includes free updates of new features introduced by softaccounts.pk
  3. Soft Accounts is a readymade software therefore any modification required by client will be charged separately
  4. Setup payment alongwith monthly subscription of 3 months shall be paid in advance at the time of approval
  5. Complete features are attached as Annexure "A" 3 pages
  6. In case of cancellation of monthly subscription, soft data of reports only will be provided in pdf format
  7. Fee is non-refundable